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Nappy Rash

A worried couple brought in their 3-week old son to the GP. He had previously come in 7 days ago, with a nappy rash (which was diagnosed as possible Impetigo) and was prescribed a hydrocortisone (steroid) cream and miconazole (antifungal). The rash had started 3 days prior to the previous appointment. The parents described the rash as being fist size and surrounding his anus. There was no obvious cause of onset. The rash caused pain to the baby and the previously prescribed medications were having no effect. The baby was otherwise generally well, was feeding normally and was opening his...

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I’ve started just started my second GP block. The morning started and we were given a little talk from the head GP about how we were great back when we had our previous placement etc. etc. One thing that we could improve on, however, was to include a management plan for each patient when we present the case to the GP.   Calm.   The four of us split apart, two of us go to one allocated GP and another 2 of us to another.   My first patient came in. A 17-year-old male. ‘What brought you in today?’ He...

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