Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather: Thoughts + Predictions after my experience transitioning from mma to boxing

When the fight was announced, I wasn't surprised. They had both been teasing it and slyly trash talking one another for some time. The fight made sense for both of them: Mayweather adds one more to his record and gets a clean 50-0, McGregor gets a heck of a lot of money. Plus on McGregor’s part, he might truly believe he can win. After all, Mayweather was a retired professional and there is plenty of footage to study. He has beaten 49 other professional boxers, so losing to him isn't even that bad of a loss. ESPECIALLY as your debut match. 


I never did believe McGregor stood any chance at winning. I have watched both boxing and mixed martial arts for around 10 years now and have competed in both sports. I started MMA when I was young and then at the age of 19, decided I would try pure boxing. In all honesty, the art of boxing is quite different. I have to respect that difference. However, my mma background did help. I reached a relatively high level in boxing extremely quickly.


Now, from my experience, it wasn’t that hard to transition to boxing from MMA. McGregor is a much better MMA artist than I am and has better sparring partners in his lead up to his boxing match. Do I think McGregor can transition into becoming a boxer? Yes.


However, after having boxed I do have to respect Mayweather’s technical prowess. His defensive boxing is amazing, to say the least. I think McGregor can become a fairly decent boxer before the fight. But can he beat Mayweather? No.


There is a difference between being good at something and being amazing. McGregor can most definitely become a good boxer. But he will be up against amazing on August 27th. If he was up against a standard boxer, then maybe he would come out with a win. With Mayweather… I think not.


We have a collection dedicated to this fight on this page:
Personally, I think the 50-0 merchandise is truer to what will happen, especially with the quote ‘I haven’t took no punishment’.



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