Luminous Dragon Pendant/Necklace - Glow in the Dark

Currently one of our best selling products.

The fascinating, glow in the dark pendant is an item of astounding beauty. This is an item that is both perfect as a little gift (small £7.99 cost) and as an invaluable collectable. By absorbing ultraviolet other visible light, the pendant can release the energy in the form of visible light for hours in the dark.

What else perfect for a glow in the dark gift other than a dragon?

A wonderful gift for her on Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day and suitable for any occasion! This would also be exquisite for a special product just out of the blue. Why not treat yourself.

Celebrate the coming of the new season of Game of Thrones and perhaps the rise of Daenerys as she aims to capture the seven kingdoms by purchasing this amazing pendant.

Click here to purchase your very own glow in the dark dagon pendant!



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