Mother's Day Freestyle

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(i'm much worse at freestyling than I once was. But I can still rhyme at least)


I've never said it,

But mum I really love you,

Heaven's at your feet,

Nothing is above you

And now I say it true,

It's now I'm telling you,

I spill my heart into my verse

And I let it through


I know that life's hard

i know you feel the ache

If i could take it all away,

I would take the pain,

I would stand any storm,

So you don't feel the rain,

I would give up every night,

So you enjoy today


I had dreams of doing wrong,

But you made it right,

I guess that's the power

Of a mother's might,


sorry that I wasn't there,

Sorry that I couldn't help,

I'm sorry for every tear,

Sorry you've been through hell



I was young, I had fights,

I was gang gang,

turned my fault into a skill,

they pay to see my fists bang


You know I messed a lot,

Sixteen I was man down,

Impressive how i changed my life,

Your eldest is a man now


You know you raised me sound

Piped me down, When I was loud

Won't talk about a man,

I'm  the man that people talk about,


I pray you live to see the day

That I live my dream,

I paved my own path,

And I've set the scene


Though some years ago I stopped

Thought I done a lot

Now my heads on track

I've not done enough

All I bought you was a ring

But that diamonds soft

So just wait a little bit mum

Your son is up




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